Why is wedding photography so important?

April 29, 2022

Wedding photography is one of the first items to be booked when planning your wedding. Many couple start off their planning by searching for and deciding on the date, venue and photographer/videographer for their wedding day. Why? Well, there are obviously many reasons, but I think the most obvious reason is that photography helps us to remember. It helps us to relive something of value. If you consider that many couples will spend around 60 years together, sharing life as a married couple, and that the official start of this life long journey only takes one day, this specific one day really does matter a lot. It is the day on which you made it publicly known to the world that you choose to spend the rest of your life with this specific person. What a day!

Weddings are also days that families come together in large numbers. It is a time to catch up, celebrate, remember and rediscover.

It is obvious that your wedding day is like no other day. It IS special. It is ONE day that celebrates the coming 22 000 days to come (well, rounded off A LOT). When you take this into account, the photography for this ONE day is crucial. It is more than photos. It is a reminder of a commitment and promise that you will choose to LOVE, no matter what. Now that I think of it… it is like a wedding ring, but in photograph form.

Because of the importance of photographing this amazing day, it is essential that you choose a photographer that shares the same values as you do. I strongly believe that wedding photography is way more than just taking great pictures. I believe that wedding photography is more about showing love, acceptance and joy. It is about being witness to what God has done in people’s lives. It is about telling a story with pictures. To do this, you need to feel comfortable with your photographer. You need to feel appreciated, loved and respected. And believe it or not, I feel that there must be an emotional connection between a couple and their photographer. For this reason I make sure to get to know the couples that book me. I want to be friends before I can be your photographer. I need to know why certain relationships matter more in your family, I need to know about victories, suffering and special moments in your family to be able to tell your story authentically.

When you are thinking of booking a photographer, make sure you know what is important to you, and communicate that with the photographer and ask them if they will be able to accommodate you with what is important to you. Maybe ask yourself this: If I look at my wedding photos 15 years from now, what do I want THEN?

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