How do I see myself and my work?


Gathering memories that matter
My name is DJ. I do photography under the name “David”. Imagine walking up to the dj at a wedding, introducing myself as DJ. “Was there a double booking?” Anyway… I studied Jazz and after that, Theology. So, I am a pastor who loves to sing, play piano, and take memorable photographs. I got married in 2010 and have two amazing daughters. Family, love, and memories is what I live for. When you make use of my services, you can expect someone who is professional, humble, kind, and reliable.
My philosophy

Making use of a photographer to capture images of a part of your life, is something to think about. Taking a “nice” photo is one thing, capturing emotions, stories, and movement by making use of something like a photograph, is another thing. I do not take “nice photo’s”. I am also not fanatically striving for perfection. I rather take time to intensionally look and feel, and allow myself to be involved in what is happening around me. This helps me to capture authentic photographs that will help you to relive the stories and emotions you and I were part of at the time of capturing the image. Think about it this way… In 1o years from now – do you want to look at a technically-perfect photo, or rather look at a photo that makes you smile, cry and be moved? To me, perfection in photography is having the ability to connect your eyes (while looking at a photo) and your heart.

If you would like a quote or would like to discuss how I can help tell your story, please contact me.
David Muller