The Narrat!ve Preset pack was something I developed over months of trail and error. I wanted a preset that would work on my RAW files, but also on the photos I take with my phone. I was also in search of a preset that will build on the narrative of the subjects in the frame – It had to help me tell the story. Although many presets in the market is developed more for serious photographers, I wanted to help my friend that take phone pictures, to get more or less the same result I get when shooting with a Film Simulation on my Fujifilm camera’s. The 5 presets below aim at doing exactly this.


Narrat!ve | Titanium


Narrat!ve | Copper

The Narrat!ve | Copper preset gives an almost dark and dreamy feel in the shadows, but 'n slightly warmer and deeper look in the midtones and highlights. It ads a film look that has some nostalgia to it.


Narrat!ve | Gold

This preset is the perfect companion to an early morning or late afternoon sun. See it as a Golden Hour preset. It picks up the warm rays of glorious sunlight and shine it throughout the frame, lightening most of the scene with a embracing glow and warmth.

BW Faded

Narrat!ve | BW Faded

Black and White images, with no teeth! This subdued and moody look helps bring a sense of calmness and nostalgia. It works especialy well with images where light only catches a part of a subject.

BW Pop

Narrat!ve | BW Pop

This is drama at its finest. This preset creates dramatic imagery with high contrast and some pure blacks.