What is "documentary wedding photography"?
Documentary wedding photography is an authentic and unobtrusive approach to capturing the essence of your special day. Unlike traditional posed photography, this style focuses on candid moments and genuine emotions, telling the story of your wedding in a natural and spontaneous way. I specialize in capturing real scenes without prompting, allowing the day to unfold organically. Natural light is my preferred medium, enhancing the authenticity of each shot. By immersing myself in the atmosphere and emotions of the event, I create artistic images that reflect the true beauty and sentiment of the occasion. It's about preserving not just how your wedding looks, but how it feels, ensuring that every image is a genuine and timeless reflection of your love story.
How do your wedding photography packages differ from others, and how many hours are included?
Unlike traditional wedding photography packages based on set hours, I offer a unique and comprehensive approach called "Prep to Party." With this concept, I start documenting your special day from the bride's preparation and continue until I've captured a significant portion of the dancing and festivities. This method frees you from watching the clock, allowing the events to unfold naturally. There's no strict time limit, ensuring that I can capture a diverse and complete collection of images that narrate the entire story of your wedding day. This approach emphasizes storytelling and authenticity, providing you with a rich visual narrative that goes beyond capturing mere moments but encapsulates the essence of your entire celebration.
Are you going to let us pose all the time?
No. I feel that natural moments are more precious than a lot of posed ones. Sometimes it might be necessary to guide you a bit, but I do not consider this "posing". I position you in the correct light and location, and allow you to be.
Do you travel?
Yes. Where ever I am needed. Please talk to me about your needs and location. I travel anywhere in the county and/or world.
Do you offer videography?
Yes, but I sub-contract amazing videographers if needed. I regularly work with professional video creators. We offer a custom package, and coordinate our approach according to your needs.
What happens during a pre-wedding meeting?
I want to get to know you. I need to understand who you are, what makes you happy and sad, and how you see life and love. This helps me to tell the story of your day, through photography. During such a meeting (it's more like visiting friends) I will ask you to tell me about yourselves. I will also tell you about myself. We will then go on to discuss the details like: venue, program, additional requirements and I will also give you some guidance with regards to what I expect of you on the wedding day. This might be something like "when you kiss, do it slowly". Sounds nice?